About Us

Keeping to our company motto, “For Better Life and Healthy Nation”, it is no wonder that the dedicated team of professionals at Jayson has created a brand that delivers on its promise. Started as a leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh, the Owner, Md. Salimullah, and Managing Director of Jayson Group of Companies, and his team of qualified professionals have been offering reliable and quality products nationally and internationally for the last six decades.

The company was established in 1947, and started production in 1956 under the name of Pakistan Medical Supplies (PMS). It adopted its present name in 1972.

Jayson Group of Companies started with Jayson Pharmaceuticals Ltd, an ISO certified pharmaceutical preparations manufacturer, having had a successful stint in pharmaceuticals for 54 years. Currently, with manufacturing and marketing units in pharmaceuticals, herbal medicines, veterinary items, animal feed and feed additives, flour mill and other related business, Jayson Group is proud of the diversity in its portfolio which enables it to serve its diverse customer base.

Over time, Jayson Group has diversified its operations through Jayson Pharmaceuticals Ltd as well as the following sister concerns:

1Jayson Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (JPL) – Jayson Pharmaceuticals Ltd. continues to be a pioneer in the field of Anesthetics, Anti-malarials, Vitamins, Anti-histamines and other such medicines. Jayson is also the first local manufacturer of the potent analgesic Ketorolac Tromethamine tablet and injection (EMODOL), Antiseptic Povidone-Iodine cream and solution (POVISEP), H2 Antagonist Ranitidine Injection (RANISON), which are all well accepted by doctors and the medicine community. Jayson has always been committed to providing products of the highest standards, and with its sound technical know-how, experience and potential, Jayson Pharmaceuticals Ltd continues its drive to provide quality service and drugs at affordable prices.

2. Jayson Agrovet Ltd. (JAV) – This company was formed to serve the animal healthcare market. JAV markets the veterinary medicines produced by JPL, along with feed additives imported from various countries. Subsequently, a feed mill was also started to manufacture poultry, fish and cattle feed. The marketing operations of feed supplements and medicines are still growing

3. Jayson Natural Products Ltd. (JNP) – JNP manufactures herbal medicines for human consumption and herbal feed additives for poultry and livestock. As the market for herbal medicines in Bangladesh is gradually growing and people are becoming more aware of its health benefits, JNP is also increasing its market share. In addition to the local market, JNP also exports to countries like Taiwan and Korea.

4. Jayson Breeders Ltd. (JBL) – This company operates poultry breeder farms and hatcheries that produce day-old chicks. There are currently hatcheries in Chittagong and Jhenaidah, with plans for further expansions in the future.

5. Packwel Ltd. (PWL) – PWL was established to manufacture PP woven bags for Jayson’s feed mill and to supply bags to other feed mills. PWL has also established a shipping carton manufacturing plant.

6. Segway Glass Ltd. (SGL) – Since JPL has a strong market share in injectable products, SGL was created – a glass ampoule making plant – to reduce dependence on suppliers for this crucial component of injectable products. As an already profit-generating segment of the company, there are plans of future expansions of capacity to meet increasing demand from Jayson, as well as for supplying to other pharmaceutical factories.

7. Trexim International Ltd. – Trexim International Ltd. is an importer, indentor, and exporter of a wide range of goods.

8. EMES Securities Ltd. (EMES) – A full-service brokerage company in Bangladesh having 3 branch offices, this company has a well balanced execution team to support all brokerage service needs in the capital market.

In a world of increasing globalization, the scope and potential of services is constantly growing. At Jayson, we have made it our policy to think not just locally, but also globally to meet international standards and requirements. We are therefore committed to upgrading our production facilities and R&D to meet the current standards required for International Trade.

As an ISO-9001-2000 certified company, the products of Jayson are well accepted in the global market.