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Product Details:

Optirex® Eye Drops

Povidone 5%



Optirex® Eye Drops : Each mL contains

Povidone USP 50 mg.


Optirex® Eye Drops is indicated in the relief of

dry eye symptoms including keratoconjunctivitis

sicca. It is also given as a substitute of tear fluid

in case of unstable tear film or insufficient

moistening of the eye surface. It is also

sometimes used for the treatment of corneal

ulcers as it covers the cornea with a protective

layer and helps in the healing process. It can

also help contact lens wearers who complain of

dry eyes. Patients with severe ocular allergies

may experience dry eyes and the medication is

particularly useful in such cases as it blocks out

allergens such as pollens and dust mites.


Optirex® Eye Drops : Plastic dropper bottle

containing 10 mL drops.